Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Maintain a teaching community whose staff is constantly improving their abilities and knowledge.

We are committed to the Humanist philosophy knowing that it will contribute to transforming society by providing children at an early age with the academic and social skills needed to get ahead in a constantly evolving world. Monteverde believes in developing a thirst for knowledge in its students while nurturing their talents, character, and values. We want to make them sensitive to the elements of freedom, creativity, responsibility, and self-esteem that will reflect on their relationships within the family and the community in which they live.
Monteverde believes in the spirit of humanity, in its essence, the universal dimension that we share with all other human beings of any age, nationality, culture, religion or belief. We try to reach every member of our community with this philosophy and provide the conditions needed for healthy development. Our general outlook is humanistic and we follow through with this thinking in all our activities, providing values that reflect a higher quality of education.

Throughout their experience with us, students are taught the universal principles of respect, responsibility, loyalty, honesty, and freedom.


The Monteverde model forms children and teenagers to become organized, self-aware, independent and who enjoy life. We want to create a true community in which communication, teamwork, and respect for others are natural behavior.


This philosophy also extends to merging attitudes at home and at school to form well-balanced individuals able to shine in society and the world.