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Preschool - Spanish and English Learning

This is the initial level of education in which Monteverde fosters the child´s learning abilities and helps develop their intelligence, character, physical, and emotional strength.

Philosophy and Method 

Our preschool is based on the Montessori teaching method. When children use Montessori materials in a well-ordered environment they develop greater powers of concentration and abilities that let them mature with independence and responsibility. They acquire the skills and knowledge that are so important for self-confidence. At a young age, Montessori children become conscious of their importance in the community and the world around them.

Controlled environment and Montessori teaching aids


Combined with teaching exercises, our school environment stimulates children to learn by using resources that surround them. We teach and learn hands-on projects. In Preschool, they are taught to concentrate their efforts on the work they are doing with their hands. Monteverde´s teaching aids encourage children to use their minds to develop mathematical abstractions from concrete objects.


The depth of this education extends into language skills as well as the senses and cultural perception. Knowledge acquired in this way has a deeper meaning and is used naturally by children to achieve a better understanding of the world around them. The Preschool experience prepares them to understand mathematical abstractions in Elementary school.

Activities during school hours
Children participate in the following activities once a week while in school:
  • Saluting the Flag
  • Teachings of Peace
  • Artesofia (Music Appreciation)
  • Psychomotor
  • Wading pool
  • Computer Skills
  • Robotics
Cultural and Social Activities
The Monteverde´s Humanist philosophy seeks to awaken consciousness in students. Throughout the school year, they are given activities that develop social skills and self-confidence. Monteverde is a community that embraces parents, students, and teachers.
  • Open House
  • Parents Night
  • Winter Festival
  • Family Day
  • Community Outings
  • Gesell Monitoring
  • Monteverde Week
  • Open English Classes