A High School with International Vision

Our educational model is innovative and adheres to high international standards. Our teaching system meets international standards. Monteverde students compete successfully for acceptance at any university in Mexico or abroad.
Monteverde High School has an international focus. Its teaching system is at the forefront of education. It is recognized for the quality of its innovative and farsighted programs that help students to develop emotional intelligence, social skills and winning attitudes.
Our students learn in an environment full of opportunities and experiences that teach them self-control and responsibility. They are taught to make their own decisions while remaining conscious of their status as preuniversity students.
Our Commitment
We provide our students with opportunities and experiences in which they can learn to make responsible choices and practice their decision-making skills as pre-university students.
Our Teachers
Teachers work within approved institutional guidelines, and as educators, they are chosen for their competency in their fields, skills and specialized learning that they can contribute.