Extracurricular Activities

Artistic - Cultural
Radio Painting Music
This course helps to develop communication, research and writing skills. Students are asked to prepare a radio program every week on a subject that interests them for broadcast over the Radio Monteverde network.
Students are taught to draw with various methods using the principle of observation, and later go on to other types of artistic expression such as painting using diverse techniques. Creative projects such as this stimulate thought and teach them to work using all their abilities.
With different exercises students acquire acting skills, learning to communicate using their body and voice. Classes put on a play at the end of each semester.
These sports stimulate character development and, competitive spirit. Players learn teamwork while training their bodies naturally and healthfully
Practicing this sport helps young people to develop basic physical and mental skills such as balance, speed, confidence, concentration, muscle strength and coordination, that will help them to mature strong and healthy.
This sport requires excellent reflexes and improves coordination, concentration, and agility as well as speed, muscle strength, and flexibility.
The benefits of swimming are well known. Swimmers develop strong, long muscled bodies that contribute to the quality of life.
Flag Football
Students are made aware of the need for physical activity in their daily lives and how being fit is of great importance and brings many benefits throughout life.