International High School program

International High School program (IHS)
The Monteverde International High School program is cutting edge, exclusive and designed especially for young people. It teaches them to use digital media in their learning and working activities within a context of responsibility for their actions and self-discipline.

Our IHS program offers students the option to receive, in addition to their Prep School Certificate, a High School Diploma by taking five full-credit subjects online through Keystone High School, plus the revalidation of Monteverde School curriculum credits.
They receive their instruction in an online classroom with a teacher present who supervises the progress of each student. Benefits by obtaining an International High School certificate:
  • An International High School recognition.
  • Technological and educational innovation.
  • Stimulates competitiveness.
  • Available Monteverde students only.
  • Helps develop the ability to learn online.
  • Facilitates admission to foreign universities.
  • International academic experience in content.
  • Interaction with students from other countries.
  • Academic support in Mexico and the US.