Language program

Language program
We live in a globalized society in which all areas and fields of human endeavor are interconnected. Knowing different languages is essential for success in the competitive labor market that students will enter as young adults.
English- Cambridge English: The Monteverde English program teaches verbal and written skills that let students express their feelings, needs, and views correctly in English.
Throughout their Middle School years, students are given opportunities to practice English in a variety of topics. First-year deals mostly with History and Art, while second-year students are introduced to critical reading. Third-year Middle School students are taught to debate in English a wide range of subjects from classic literature to lifestyle choices.
We emphasize the five basic language skills: reading, writing, comprehension, grammar and oral expression. 
French: Our program offers three levels of  French as a third language. Topics focus on written and oral communication skills, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. After their third year of Middle School, students take the DELF (Diploma of French Language Studies) to determine their level of proficiency. This test is required by francophone universities and firms as evidence of a candidate’s ability in French.