Workshops and labs

Workshops and laboratories department mixes theory with practice to help students learn through research, experimentation, and teamwork.
Computing: Computing is a practical subject aimed at teaching ICT at the user level. This is an important course since the abilities a student acquires are needed every day.
Solid basic knowledge of ICT helps students to be more productive academically and professionally.

Robotics: This set of educational activities complements and strengthens specific areas of knowledge, helping students absorb the skills needed to design, build and operate a robot.
Art: Art education develops valuable skills and thinking patterns, it improves general abilities and facilitates communication, all of which are important aspects of education.
  • Art and Dance workshops: This program is designed especially to stimulate creativity, powers of observation and self-confidence by teaching self-expression through art and movement.
  • Oral skills workshop: Using different exercises students are taught to express themselves in a variety of ways that are valuable in situations calling for verbal skill. Workshops teach them how to present opinions or ideas convincingly using appropriate arguments and public speaking techniques.
Physical Education and Sports: Organized physical activity helps students to develop personal, social and physical aptitudes. The values instilled through sports include teamwork, fairness, and perseverance. Sports help build strong, healthy bodies, self-confidence and can lead to a successful career.