Workshops and labs

Workshops and laboratories department mixes theory with practice to help students learn through research, experimentation, and teamwork.
Technology: Computing is a practical subject aimed at teaching ICT at the user level. This is an important course since the abilities a student acquires are needed every day.
Solid basic knowledge of ICT helps students to be more productive academically and professionally.

Robotics: This set of educational activities complements and strengthens specific areas of knowledge, helping students absorb the skills needed to design, build and operate a robot.
Art: Art education develops valuable skills and thinking patterns, it improves general abilities and facilitates communication, all of which are important aspects of education.
Physical Education and Sports: Organized physical activity helps students to develop personal, social and physical aptitudes. The values instilled through sports include teamwork, fairness, and perseverance. Sports help build strong, healthy bodies, self-confidence and can lead to a successful career.