We teach and learn with the mind and heart.
We are a private and international bilingual school that bases its teaching on the principles of lasting commitment to better education and treating children as individuals within a community.
Grade Pre-First through 3

During this period, the seed planted in preschool is nurtured into a sprout. Reading, writing and arithmetic skills are strengthened and linked to natural curiosity while teaching children how to work together.
Grades 4 through 6

During this time a child’s abstract thinking starts to base itself more on logic, leading to the development of cognitive, linguistic and perceptive abilities that facilitate learning.
Weekly activities
  • Artesofía (Music Appreciation)
  • Conscious Discipline
  • Artistic Training (Late Elementary)
  • Music (Early Elementary)
  • Physical Education 
  • Computers and Robotics
  • Human Development (Late Elementary)
  • Sports Academies (Two classes per week)
  • Water Sports
  • Saluting the Flag
  • Assembly
  • Creative Relaxation
 Social and cultural activities
  • Open House
  • Informative Morning Meeting
  • Winter Festival
  • Field trips and community
  • Camping
Bilingual education:
We work on developing communication, reasoning, and collaboration using various teaching aids and activities. Students are taught how to deal successfully with daily or unusual situations using understanding and intelligence.
Monteverde’s English program teaches advanced reading skills, vocabulary, verbal and written communication.
Courses are supported by the Pearson Publishers interactive platform and Monteverde’s own academic curriculum; prepared in accordance with our philosophy of providing students with a comprehensive education.
Sessions are prepared using physical or digital media and live teaching to create group involvement and encourage communication.
We also have our MAKERSPACE LAB a place were children can create, invent, use their creativity and habilities in team works.