We teach and learn with the mind and heart.
We are a private and international bilingual school that bases its teaching on the principles of lasting commitment to better education and treating children as individuals within a community.
Grade 1st through 3rd

Our full immersion model allows us to fully introduce our students to the process of reading and writing in English. Working from activities designed to make their learning experiences practical and everyday. At this stage our students are learning to read and understand the world in English.
Grades 4th through 6th

During this time a child’s abstract thinking starts to base itself more on logic, leading to the development of cognitive, linguistic and perceptive abilities that facilitate learning and the application of learning intentions in projects related to daily life.
Weekly activities
  • Conscious Discipline
  • Artistic Training (Late Elementary)
  • Music (Early Elementary)
  • Physical Education 
  • Tech and  Robotics class
  • Writing process
  • Interactive Read aloud (Fontas & Pinhel)
  • Novel Study
 Social and cultural activities
  • Open House
  • Informative Morning Meeting
  • Personal inteviews
  • Hanal Pixan
  • School for Parents
  • Specialized talks by grade

Full immersion program

Our full immersion program provides our students with continuous practice of the English language.  80% of our subjects are developed in the second language, this allows us to make our students learn to express themselves in a natural way and applying the knowledge they acquire when they start learning, to be inspired in the growth of ideas and to innovate their thinking on a daily basis.

The Spanish and Math class is offered for one hour a day and implements CIME's constructive math model to promote the development of mathematical thinking in a deep and practical way.

We complemented  our program with a  MAKERSPACE LAB, the perfect place to create, invent, use their creativity and abilities in team works.